What is Scholar Shop?

Scholar Shop is a platform that connects community organizations with DU students and faculty to address public problems through research and/or creative work. Each Scholar Shop project is unique, based on the research question/project first proposed by a community organization then further explored/refined with a student and/or faculty partner. Students and faculty bring diverse academic experience and interests (e.g., business, law, social sciences, arts, engineering, social work, law, mathematics, and more) to these collaborations.

This website is intended to make it easy for community organizations and DU faculty and students to learn about Scholar Shop and explore opportunities to partner with one another. For each Scholar Shop community partner featured on this website, we have listed research/project opportunities that they are actively seeking DU partnership to work on.

Navigating Our Website

Use the Search bar to the right of the web page to navigate featured Scholar Shop partners and opportunities.

Click on Tags to search by keyword. Tags are listed in the word cloud to the right side of every web page and also at the bottom of every Scholar Shop community partner page.

Or navigate by Project Type using the bulleted list located on the right side of every web page.

Want to Learn More/Connect?

  • If you are a DU faculty or student who would like to connect with a specific Scholar Shop community partner, OR if you are a community partner looking to learn more about Scholar Shop or would like to become a Scholar Shop community partner, please visit our Contact page.

Scholar Shop is a program run by the Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning (CCESL) at the University of Denver. 

  • DU Faculty and Students, visit CCESL’s Scholar Shop page for information on possible funding to support your Scholar Shop project work.