Women’s Bean Project

Women’s Bean Project is a non-profit organization that changes women’s lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise.

Women’s Bean project is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Information Dissemination: We would like help developing a strategic communications plan to help us effectively communicate our value proposition. The questions we need help answering are: What is our value added? Why do women choose WBP over other similar job options? What is (or isn’t) communicated to them in the process?
  • Program Evaluation: Design a robust measuring system of the efficacy of our recruiting efforts, including key touch points throughout the recruiting process. Our goal is to increase our applicant pool by 30-50% and women to identify as “good fits” for the Women’s Bean.
    • Key questions include:
      • Where (or who) are our top 3 referral sources? “Best” is defined as referrals that result in program participants (and ultimately graduates).
      • How do we improve our recruiting efforts?
      • Do we need to change our program design to support our “best referral sources?” (i.e. move to month-to-month hiring vs. cohort model)

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