GroovyTek takes a personalized approach anchored in respect and patience to help folks become confident navigating personal technology independently and on their own terms.

GroovyTek is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Program Evaluation: We would like to evaluate our consulting model and workshops for efficacy and reach with our clients.
  • Curriculum Development/Internship: We would like to explore the potential of developing a mentorship program between college-aged students and older generations who need help using personal technology.
  • Creative Works: We would like to partner with DU Faculty/Student teams who see a need for our services either internally or externally with community groups you engage with.

Challenge Denver

Challenge Denver provides middle and high school students with social emotional programming designed to create healthy school environments where students feel understood, accepted, and connected.

Challenge Denver is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects (CURRENTLY ON HOLD FOR PARTNERSHIPS):

  • Program Evaluation: Design an evaluation for partner schools (that is not burdensome) to better understand program impacts, gaps, and opportunities.
  • Program Evaluation: Support program documentation using creative methods (e.g. film, art), with a focus on youth participant experiences and perspectives.
  • Curriculum Development: Collaborate on developing trainings materials and resources to strengthen volunteer orientation and preparation for Challenge Day.
  • Curriculum Development: Partner on the development and/or implementation of pilot programming (e.g. student leadership club) that helps deepen and sustain the impact of Challenge Day