Women’s Bean Project

Women’s Bean Project is a non-profit organization that changes women’s lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise.

Women’s Bean Project (WBP) is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Information Dissemination: We would like help updating our strategic communications by creating personalized value propositions applicable to today’s hiring landscape for current and future community partners and potential employees. We’d like to update our collateral (e.g. flyers, website, social media, etc.) to reflect these identified value propositions for each audience.
  • Program Evaluation: We want help measuring the efficacy of programs offered at WBP. We have quantitative evaluation data that we need help synthesizing from some of our programs. Are the learning objectives being met? What is the value? How can we measure all program impacts from our diverse partners? What’s working and what needs to change?
  • Research Design / Data Collection: We would like someone to continue the work of a previous consultant who focused on answering the following research question: What is keeping women who hear the WBP presentation from applying, or who are asked to interview from showing up on the first day?
    • One recommendation includes hosting a design thinking-inspired workshop with WBP participants to gather information about word of mouth referrals, ideas for info sharing, potential incentives, and the competitive advantage (i.e. “magic”) of the organization in comparison to other comparable community organizations. More information provided upon request.
  • Internship: Help us create a new process flow as we redesign a more expedited program process for hiring at WBP. We would like help working with our partners to prepare and plan for this change as well. Our goal is to make sure our new hires are able to take full advantage of our partner’s available programs (Dress for Success, Financial Literacy, free Eye Exams) without having to wait months to a year for the next program session.

The Empowerment Program

The mission of the Empowerment Program is to provide education, employment assistance, health, housing referrals, and support services for women who are in disadvantaged positions due to incarceration, poverty, homelessness, HIV/AIDS infection, and/or involvement in the criminal justice system.

Empowerment Program is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Research Design/ Data Collection/ Data Analysis: Our research embraces new thinking about the capacity for violence and is dedicated to the prevention of bullying, violence and trauma. We have developed a theory on the Prevention of Violence and Trauma and a screening instrument to increase awareness of an individual’s capacity for violence. We need help researching the instrument so the instrument can earn an evidence base. The instrument needs to be validated – this would include an IRB, regression analysis and other statistical expertise.

Tinsae Single Moms Organization

The main mission of Tinsae is to organize and support single moms living in the State of Colorado so that they can become self-sufficient. The organization provides counseling services and supports single moms to overcome crisis and become successful in their future life with their children.

Tinsae is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Grant Writing (MATCHED): We would like a student to assist us with grant writing to support our Educational Program. Through various classes, this program aims to teach and encourage the single moms to overcome crisis following the divorce/family loss and help them to become successful in their future life with their children. The intern will work directly with the Executive Director.
  • Internship: The intern will assist us with our fundraising efforts for our Educational Program. Through various classes, this program aims to teach and encourage the single moms to overcome crisis following the divorce/family loss and help them to become successful in their future life with their children. The intern will work directly with the Executive Director to develop a fundraising strategy for the organization, identify potential donors, plan fundraising events, etc. 
  • Information Dissemination: We are looking for a self-motivated communications intern to manage the organization’s internal and external communications. This includes updating and maintaining Tinsae’s social media presence, creating and managing an online blog, designing event flyers, updating the Tinsae website, etc.
  • Internship: The Nonprofit Management Intern will directly support the Executive Director (ED) with administrative and operational tasks in support of Tinsae’s mission. The intern will manage the ED’s schedule and appointments, plan and execute events, provide general support to visitors, collaborate with ED and Board Members on new ideas for the organization’s direction.

Women of Denver

Women of Denver‘s mission is to connect and inspire 100,000 women through their educational events and progressive thought-leadership, so they can acquire the knowledge and confidence to earn their worth.

Women Of Denver is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects (CURRENTLY ON HOLD FOR PARTNERSHIPS):

  • Research Design/ Data Collection: We’re partnering with the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame for a spring research project to gauge Colorado women’s confidence when it comes to their career and financial picture. We would compare the data on a generational level to consider if confidence varies by generation.
    • Questions in the survey would include things such as: Have you in the past 5 years asked for a raise at work? Do you feel you’re earning what you’re worth? Are you comfortable discussing your achievements with leaders and peers? Do you feel you are worthy of a higher level career or job? Do you regularly speak up in meetings?

DU and The GrowHaus

By Corey Martz, Community-Engaged Fellow

Across Denver, the rising population and reinvestment in core urban neighborhoods often reverberates with traffic congestion and capital construction projects that directly impact the lives of local residents. In the face of urban growth and change, how can local governments and community organizations meaningfully engage residents to help raise their voices and influence actions that will directly impact their daily lives? Photovoice is one approach, a process that combines photography, documentary, and action for residents to reflect upon and record community strengths and concerns, document their relevant lived experience, and promote dialogue in a forum that reaches decision-makers. In the summer of 2018, an interdisciplinary team of researchers and students from the University of Denver partnered with The GrowHaus to lead a photovoice process to better understand how youth residents experience the immense changes occurring in North Denver, specifically the extensive ongoing construction projects in their community (to learn more about the project process click here). The youth’s photographs and narratives of their experiences of construction exhibited powerful evidence of the very real changes occurring in their community. At the 2018 photovoice project exhibit at the Wellington Webb building, the youth’s photos were displayed for community members and government officials to view and the youth sat down with Councilman Albus Brooks and Exec. Director of NDCC, Tim Sandos, to share their insights and calls to action informed by their photos.

The 2018 North Denver Photovoice Project exhibit (top) and youth meeting with city government decision-makers (bottom) at the Wellington Webb Building.

The 2018 North Denver Photovoice Project arose through a partnership, beginning in 2017, between North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC), an initiative of the City and County of Denver Mayor’s Office, The GrowHaus, an urban farm focused on providing the North Denver community with better access to and education about nutritious food, Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning (CCESL) at the University of Denver, and PCs for People which provided computers for the youth participating in the project. The partners coalesced around The GrowHaus’ aim to engage youth in enacting community change, NDCC’s desire to meaningfully include resident voices about change in their community, and CCESL’s vision of university-community collaboration and interest in researching photovoice as a process of community engagement. The 2017 North Denver Photovoice Project was the first effort by the partnership to explore photovoice as a meaningful community engagement process (click here to read about the 2017 project launch – p. 9,  and here to read a DU student’s reflection on the project – p.9). Not only did the 2017 project bloom into a second iteration the following summer, but it branched into another partnership between the City and County of Denver Smart City Program, Vision Zero Coalition, and CCESL, which formed to better understand how residents experience traffic safety along Denver’s busy Federal Boulevard (click here to learn more about the 2018 Federal Boulevard Photovoice Project). The GrowHaus and interdisciplinary team at the University of Denver are committed to strengthening their partnership and are currently engaged in planning efforts for summer 2019 youth programming.

Challenge Denver

Challenge Denver provides middle and high school students with social emotional programming designed to create healthy school environments where students feel understood, accepted, and connected.

Challenge Denver is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Program Evaluation: We would like help designing an evaluation to measure effectiveness of our partnerships with other community organizations in meeting our partner school’s needs.
  • Curriculum Development (MATCHED): Review our “Be the Change” curriculum from the past 13 years and provide updates. Also help us connect to organizations that can support student-directed initiatives. There is also opportunity to deliver the updated curriculum to students. 

Realm of Caring

Realm of Caring Foundation empowers people to take control of their health and enhance their quality of life by providing cannabinoid research initiatives in addition to educational programs and services.

Realm of Caring is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Information Dissemination: The Creative Intern helps plan and complete projects to support fundraising, graphic design, marketing, social media, and website initiatives. Projects may involve any media (print, audio, web, video, etc). Under direction of various staff members, the Creative Intern must understand what is needed, produce quality deliverables, and accept comments to reach a final design. This position reports to the Outreach Director.
  • Grant Writing: The Grant Writing Intern seeks out and applies for grants pertaining to Realm of Caring’s mission. The intern will learn about key business operations, cannabis science, broad healthcare issues, and essential funding sources for non-profits. The Grant Writing Intern reports to the Operations Director.
  • Information Dissemination: The Social Media Intern crafts and executes engaging campaigns and posts to effectively communicate Realm of Caring’s mission with the world. The intern completes their responsibilities with direction and cooperation from other team members, while also monitoring relevant statistics: reach, followers, etc. This position reports to the Outreach Director.
  • Information Dissemination (MATCHED): The Realm of Caring is reorganizing and rethinking their current website. A Web Strategy Intern would contribute to website design and functionality. In collaboration with other team members, the intern defines and implements upgrades and modifications to the website front end, back-end, and underlying framework while prioritizing a friendly user experience. This position reports to the Technology and Data Director. 
  • Research Design (MATCHED): Data Analyst and/or Psychometrician Intern would work under the guidance of our Research Coordinator and Technology Director, contributing to one or more of the five ongoing collaborative initiatives with Johns Hopkins, Thomas Jefferson University, Colorado State University, Harvard University, UPENN, and Palo Alto Veterans Affairs. They would be assisting in our recruitment and potentially analyzing existing data sets. We currently use several validated measures in an active and ongoing Observational Research Registry, but there is an opportunity for a psychometrician intern to work with our research team on some current measurements, especially around cannabinoid therapy and health outcomes. 
  • Internship: The Business Intern position is an opportunity to gain real-world experience while being a productive member of a non-profit. Interns will learn about key operations with approved quality product companies that pass a rigorous quality checklist, cannabis science, and broad healthcare issues. They will gain understanding of the functions, goals, and workings of the nonprofit sector. The Business Intern reports to the Operations Director.