Women’s Bean Project

Women’s Bean Project is a non-profit organization that changes women’s lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise.

Women’s Bean project is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects:

  • Information Dissemination: We would like help developing a strategic communications plan to help us effectively communicate our value proposition. The questions we need help answering are: What is our value added? Why do women choose WBP over other similar job options? What is (or isn’t) communicated to them in the process?
  • Program Evaluation: Design a robust measuring system of the efficacy of our recruiting efforts, including key touch points throughout the recruiting process. Our goal is to increase our applicant pool by 30-50% and women to identify as “good fits” for the Women’s Bean.
    • Key questions include:
      • Where (or who) are our top 3 referral sources? “Best” is defined as referrals that result in program participants (and ultimately graduates).
      • How do we improve our recruiting efforts?
      • Do we need to change our program design to support our “best referral sources?” (i.e. move to month-to-month hiring vs. cohort model)

Women of Denver

Women of Denver‘s mission is to connect and inspire 100,000 women through their educational events and progressive thought-leadership, so they can acquire the knowledge and confidence to earn their worth.

Women Of Denver is looking to connect with DU faculty and students on the following projects (CURRENTLY ON HOLD FOR PARTNERSHIPS):

  • Research Design/ Data Collection: We’re partnering with the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame for a spring research project to gauge Colorado women’s confidence when it comes to their career and financial picture. We would compare the data on a generational level to consider if confidence varies by generation.
    • Questions in the survey would include things such as: Have you in the past 5 years asked for a raise at work? Do you feel you’re earning what you’re worth? Are you comfortable discussing your achievements with leaders and peers? Do you feel you are worthy of a higher level career or job? Do you regularly speak up in meetings?